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Regional raw materials, no baking mixes and everything homemade from rolls and bread to pasta, chocolate and jam. This is what the Pretzner bakery in Tyrol, Austria stands for. The bakery has a long history of success across national borders. And is even inspired by the Baltic Sea in its bread rolls.

New Artisan SFM EC dough sheeting line for entire bread roll production

The bakery has been using the Artisan SFM EC ("Easy Clean") dough sheeting line from Koenig since the summer. “With the new line, we now have a much more innovative and colorful counter image. We used to have square or round products, but now the shapes range from oblong and rhombuses to rose rolls, ”says Josef Pretzner.


The most important bread roll on the line is the “Stakendorfer Semmel”. The idea and the recipe for it come from a baker from the small town of Stakendorf on the Baltic Sea, who went on vacation in the area around the bakery.


"The machine is actually quite large for our operating area, but it is definitely profitable because we now produce our entire range of small baked goods in a one-man operation." A total of 18 different products are produced on the line, not all of them every day, as long-time cooling is used to achieve high product quality.

 Artisan SFM EC

"Easy Clean Design" has cut the cleaning time in half

The "Easy Clean Design" of the line was also immediately convincing: “The hygienic concept of the line is different from all other machines I have seen so far. It was clear to me that this machine would be a good fit for our company.”

Since the dough sheet is formed without flour with the Artisan SFM EC, the cleaning effort is minimized in addition to the higher quality of the dough pieces. This also applies to the seeding - this takes place directly in the line and does not require humidification. This also saves time for cleaning here.


The Easy Clean Design of the line lives up to its name - the line is fully cleaned in only approx. 30-60 minutes per day. This corresponds to about half the cleaning time of the previous, smaller line.


With the Artisan SFM EC, Koenig offers a multifunctional dough sheeting line that can process 400 to 1,200 kg of dough per hour and enables a wide variety with modules such as a round-moulding station or "in-line" seeding. The gentle dough sheet shaping enables a uniform, weight-accurate sheet of dough with 100% wheat to 100% rye.


Overall, Josef Pretzner is very satisfied with the Artisan SFM EC: “From the beginning until today I have been very well looked after and have contacts who are always on hand to help. With the line, we have saved working time in production and cleaning with a simultaneous improvement in quality, it couldn't be better. "


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Pretzner bakery - a success story beyond borders

In 1992 Josef Pretzner took over the bakery, which was founded in 1956, and is now the third generation to run it. He now employs around 30 people in two branches, one in Upper Bavaria and the other in Tyrol. "The German bakery has been an Austrian since 2012," says Josef Pretzner. The two locations are only five kilometers apart. Production is only carried out at the Austrian location. Instead, there is a very wide variety, ranging from your own breads and small baked goods to pasta to chocolate and jam. "We produce everything ourselves and do not work with premixes, we even produce the grain mixes for our entire grain roll range," says Pretzner.



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