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Koenig Webinar: How to produce your rustic grain buns with the Artisan SFM EC dough sheeting line

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In order to inform you digitally about tips & tricks as well as innovations for your bakery, we have launched a webinar series. In short and interactive sessions, our experts give you information about production techniques and dough know-how to support your production. Every webinar is live - you can ask questions that our staff will be happy to answer.


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Koenig Webinar No. 9 / 2020

How to produce your rustic grain buns with the Artisan SFM EC dough sheeting line

Rustic grain buns  are ideal as a nutritious breakfast or filled as a snack for lunch. Whole grain or multigrain buns in all shapes and sizes are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the trend for conscious nutrition. Whether triangular, square, sprinkled with sesame seeds or sunflower seeds - grain rolls are a great addition to your product range.

The Artisan SFM EC dough sheeting line enables the gentle production of grain rolls in various shapes - without residual dough. Thanks to a new type of dough sheet foming, you can use 100% of your dough capacity. The system is modularly expandable, according to your requests. For rounded dough pieces or in-line seeding of buns from both sides.

At this webinar, Koenig gives you an insight into the production of rustic grain buns with the Artisan SFM EC dough sheeting line. We will demonstrate the machine live and explain the most important features. We will also present the produced buns and answer your questions.


  Artisan SFM EC

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Date: August, 27th, 2020

Start time: 2pm (Central European Time)

Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Where: Webinar - conveniently from your PC, tablet or smartphone

Language: English



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