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MDI Stratos

The tunnel oven, that grows

according to your demands

König Bäckereimaschinen - Backen - Tunnelofen
  • Main features

    The indirectly heated multi-deck tunnel oven MDI STRATOS is an extraordinary combination of compact design, modularity, power and control. The heat transfer to the product takes place mainly by radiation, but also by contact and natural convection. The decks are totally independent, also allowing the management of different production rates and/or different products to be baked simultaneously.


    Advanced power system PWR

    The advanced power system PWR (Power Where/When Required), Koenig‘s advanced power distribution and thermoregulation method, allows a careful control of calorie intake onto the product and of the baking environment in each zone of the oven, also ensuring the maximum energy efficiency.


    Forced air jet system

    MDI STRATOS can additionally be equipped with Koenig’s system FAJ (Forced Air Jet), in case of products requiring a local mixed radiant/convection baking.



    Performance features: 

      • for baking loose products, in pans or moulds
      • standard conveyor width: 2,500 mm
      • baking surface up to 500 sqm
      • baking temperatures from 100°C to 300°C
      • up to 6 decks
      • baking chamber of each deck divided in up to 4 zones with dedicated burners for independent temperature setting
      • gas or oil burners with a high modulation ratio
      • independent control of top and bottom heat of each zone by means of dedicated damper
      • fine tuning of lateral heat distribution in each zone by means of micro-dampers controlling flow of each radiant section
      • forced steam extraction with adjustable damper for each zone
      • possibility to install a baking conveyor pre-heating section
      • high precision steaming section at infeed
      • no influence between the decks (fully enclosed)
      • low heat losses thanks to the compact design, to the conveyors running inside the baking chambers and to the efficient insulation
      • inspection doors can be installed in each zone
      • baking conveyor with stone plates (MDI-SP), metal plates (MDI-MP), wire-mesh (MDI -WM) or metal slats (MDI-MS)
      • equipped with conveyor and baking chamber cleaning systems
      • possibility to operate with different feeding / discharge lines
      • high speed elevators for loading and unloading
      • modular construction and small footprint
  • Dimensions

    König Bäckereimaschinen - Backen - Tunnelöfen


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