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Passat OH

The rack oven with

standing baking trolley

Passat OH
  • Main features

    Owing to the tried-and-tested slotted wall system that feeds hot air in alternating intervals of 30 seconds over the baking products, the Passat OH guarantees the evenness of your baking products, and with a standing baking trolley at that.

    The powerful cloud device ensures sufficient clouds. Its conceptual design and arrangement allows for “batch after batch” baking. The burner is located in the front section of the oven. By means of an external fan, cool, dust-free air is transported to the burner, so optimal combustion is always guaranteed. A high-performance extractor hood with fan is included in the standard equipment. The removable hood ensures the service-friendly access to all units from the front.


    Performance features:

      • the rack oven with standing baking trolley for bread and rolls
      • reciprocal flow of hot-air above products
      • design combining attractive appearance with easy operation
      • touch screen operation enables easy input of required values and rapid effect on the baking process
      • long working life and value
      • stainless steel design
  • Dimensions

    Front- und Seitenansicht Passat OH | front and side view Passat OH
  • Technical data

    1450 x 1650 x 2600 mm
    Technical data

    for oil, gas or electric heating

    For baking trays in Euro standard

    580 x 780 mm

    580 x 980 mm

    Number of trays per rack


    Baking area

    bis 10,8 sqm
    Measurements W x D x H 1200 x 2377 x 2500
    Installation dimensions for the oven corpus 1450 x 1650 x 2600 mm

    Turning dimension when positioned in place horizontally

    2950 mm

    Max. height of the baking trolleys

    1795 mm

    Floor space

    2 sqm

    Exhaust gas pipe

    ø 180 mm

    Steam extraction pipe

    ø 125 mm

    Fresh air supply

    ø 125 mm

    Water supply


    Electrical connection for fan

    3.6 kW

    Electrical heating capacity

    60 kW

    Nominal thermal load (oil/gas)

    78 kW


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