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Belt stamping unit

Row-flexible module for decorative
stamping, punching, embossing
and forming of products
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  • Main features

    Koenig has developed the multifunctional stamping unit for endless applications for forming of dough pieces.
    It combines several work processes in one step: the special multi-level design of the tools means that embossing, forming and punching of dough pieces is carried out in one step on the conveyor belt.


    Performance features:

      • capacity of up to 57,600 pieces per hour at 12-row operation, which corresponds to 80 strokes/min. in a version with 2 modules
      • the multifunctional design of the stamping bearing enables an exact processing on the conveyor belt in only one step. This increases the product quality significantly.
      • different tool kits, stamping tools and embossing forms variably selectable and retrofittable at any time
      • number of rows and separation can be adjusted flexibly
      • can be used for dough pieces from the dough sheet or from dough dividers and is compatible with other Koenig industrial modules
      • „„stamping tools exchangeable without additional tools
      • „„tool kits can be removed and disassembled individually for easy cleaning
  • Working principle

    Due to the specially multifunctional tool holding device, the movements of the stamping, embossing and forming tools can be individually selected. This concept enables exact embossing, forming and punching on the conveyor belt in one step.
    Each stamping, embossing and forming tool in multi-piece construction contains, for example for donuts a centering device, a calibration disk, a cutting device and a calibration stamp.
    The centering ring surrounds the dough piece, the calibration disk and the calibration stamp calibrate the dough piece to a uniform thickness and the cutting device cuts forms a centered stamping hole. Afterwards, the stamping hole will be punched out. This guarantees absolutely even shapes, weights and optimal product quality.
  • Product variety

    The belt stamping station enables a variety of applications, such as individually decorating dough pieces (e.g. with the customer logo) or cutting out. Customers can choose different hole sizes and choose different sizes. The various tools can be retrofitted at any time. In addition, the rows can be selected flexibly; a customer can set the rows depending on the product.


    This enables the production of products such as donuts, bagels, choux pastry rings, cinnamon rings, cookies, etc.

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