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The benchmark for high performance
roll lines now for even
easier cleaning and maintenance
KGV EC Roll line
  • Main features

    Unlimited product variety for the highest quality demands and new standards in hygiene and accessibility for shorter cleaning cycles and downtimes. This is what the new KGV EC industrial roll line stands for. You choose: Kaiser rolls, cut ​​rolls, hot dogs, Styrian long rolls, rose rolls, pointed rolls, mini baguettes, hamburgers, and many more - or you can even stamp your own logo in the rolls.


    The Easy Clean Design offers easier cleaning, maintenance and access to all modules.


    Performance Features:

      • Performance of 50 to 65 strokes per minute depending on the product. This corresponds to a performance of 46,800 pieces per hour in 1,200mm working width and 12-row operation.
      • Pre-proofer with, for example, 750 usable swings with 50 strokes/min (proofing time of 15 minutes) or with 65 strokes/min (proofing time of 11.5 minutes)
      • Unlimited product variety by using a modular design with components such as stamping station, forming station, seeding unit etc.
      • Cross conveyance for feeding a convoluting machine
      • Direct transfer (proofer by-pass)
      • Aerosol wetting unit
      • Separate storage trolley for all components that can be removed for cleaning e.g. stamping tools, pressure boards, centering units
  • Easy Clean Design for optimized cleaning & maintenance

    • maximum line availability by shortened cleaning cycles and reduced downtime of the line
    • all new frame construction for optimized hygiene and accessibility with at least 200mm floor clearance
    • sloping surfaces at 45° angle where neither flour nor dough residues can deposit
    • forming tools like pressure boards, stamping tools, centering units removable for cleaning
    • drives encapsulated from dough area
    • large service doors for easy accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
    • Industrie Rex AW-H dough dividing and rounding machine in open design, e.g. with foldable transfer belt, swivelling flour duster unit for easy access to rounding drum
    • the open design of the forming station, seeding unit and setting unit enables access from both sides
  • Detailed photos

  • Detailed photos Easy Clean Design

  • Product variety

    The KGV EC roll line offers the usual variety from round-stamped to long-rolled and stamped dough pieces. Whether hot dog or hamburger buns, Kaiser buns, cut ​​rolls or half baguettes - the product possibilities are endless.
  • Stamping tools

    Stempelwerkzeuge für rundgewirkte langerollte Teiglinge
  • Product samples

    rundgewirkte Produkterundgewirkte, gestüpfelte Produkterundgewirkte, langgerollte Produkterundgewirkte, langgerollte und gestüpfelte Produkterundgewirkte, langgerollte und geschnittene Produkterundgewirkte, langgerollte und eingeschlagene Produktezweimal rundgewirkte Produkterundgewirkte, flachgedrückte Produkterundgewirkte, langgerollte und flachgedrückte Produkterundgewirkte, gewickelte Produkteverschiedene Stempelwerkzeugebestreute ProdukteHamburgerHotDog
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