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Combiline Compact

The line for top-quality of
Kaiser rolls and cut rolls
Combiline Compact
  • Main features

    When developing lines, we do everything to be able to offer our customers machines that meet the highest quality standards; on the other hand, they ought to enable the baker to produce a wide range of products with the greatest flexibility possible – namely, to offer a holistic, solidly cost-efficient overall solution.

    The Combiline Compact is a high-quality roll line that satisfies these criteria perfectly and comes in a compact design to boot. The line facilitates great product variety on account of a cutting station and easily changeable stamping tools for a wide range of forms. With an hourly capacity of up to 9,000 pieces, round, round/stamped, long-rolled/stamped, long-rolled/pressed or long-rolled/cut products can be made.


    Performance features:

      • compact and stable frame design
      • the tried-and-tested dough dividing and rounding machines Basic Rex, Classic Rex and Classic Rex Futura as head machines guarantee a truly royal roll line
      • Reginamatik stamping station with reversible stamper cups for stamped or cut rolls
      • climate control with heating and dampening, highly efficient sterilisation facility for empty swings
      • adjustable capacity of 15-25 strokes / min.
      • ergonomic height for tray removal
      • direct setting from head machine to setting unit possible
      • integrated long rolling station for the production of cut rolls or long rolls
      • retracting unit optionally equipped with extendible drawer for making work easier
      • optionally with cross conveyance for pre-proven dough pieces such as convoluted goods
      • optionally available with baking tray manipulator Servomat
  • Dimensions

    Frontansicht Combiline Compact | Front view Combiline CompactSchnittzeichnung Combiline Compact | Layout drawing Combiline CompactFrontansicht Combiline Compact mit Direktabsetzung | Front view Combiline Compact with direct settingSchnittzeichnung Combiline Compact mit Direktabsetzung | Layout drawing Combiline Compact with direct settingFrontansicht Combiline Compact mit Direktabsetzung und Vorlangroller | Front view Combiline Compact with direct setting and pre-long rollerSchnittzeichnung Combiline Compact mit Direktabsetzung und Vorlangroller | Layout drawing Combiline Compact with direct setting and pre-long roller
  • Product variety

    Not every decision has to be a hard one. The following overview shows you at a glance which machines will best meet your demands with regard to the end product. Everything else we'll find out together in a detailed consultation that has only one aim: Making your success perfect and sustainable.


  • Stamping tools

    Stempelwerkzeuge für rundgewirkte langerollte Teiglinge
  • Product samples

    rundgewirkte Produkte - rounded productsrundgewirkte, gestüpfelte Produkte - rounded, stamped productsrundgewirkte, langgerollte Produkte - rounded, long rolled productsrundgewirkte, langgerollte und gestüpfelte Produkte - rounded, long rolled and stamped productsrundgewirkte, langgerollte und geschnittene Produkte - rounded, long rolled and cut products
  • Detailed photos Combline Compact

    wechselbare Stempelleisten | changeable stamping toolsAusgabe von der Stüpfelstation | Discharge of stamping stationGärschrank | ProverStüpfelstation | Stamping station
  • Video Combiline Compact


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