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The modular roll line that
grows with its success
  • Main features

    When developing the Combiline, a modular design was systematically implemented. Based on your available space, market requirements and investment budget, you determine the configuration of the line. And we deliver it in the design you need right now. Should you need other products later or want to make another automation step in the future, the line can be easily expanded.

    With a performance of up to 25 strokes/min. with 6-row operation – corresponding to an hourly capacity of up to 9,000 pieces – you can produce a wide range of premium-quality products.


    Performance features:

      • hourly capacity up to 9,000 pieces.
      • modular system
      • easily expandable at a later stage
      • modular design for the entire line
      • also available with direct transfer for the setting of raw dough pieces
      • variable setting onto baking trays or proving trays
      • available with a working width of 600 or 800 mm
      • top processing quality through the use of premium stainless steel materials
      • hygienic design for easy cleaning and maintenance
      • optionally with cross conveyance for pre-proven dough pieces such as convoluted goods
      • optionally available with baking tray manipulator Servomat
  • Dimensions

    Frontansicht Combiline 1 (KCL11) | Front view Combiline 1 (KCL11)Frontansicht Combiline 2 (KCL12) | Front view Combiline 2 (KCL12)Frontansicht Combiline 3 (KCL13) | Front view Combiline 3 (KCL13)Frontansicht Combiline 4 (KCL14) | Front view Combiline 4 (KCL14)Frontansicht Combiline 5 (KCL 15) | Front view Combiline 5 (KCL15)Frontansicht Combiline 6 (KCL16) | Front view Combiline 6 (KCL16)Frontansicht Combiline 7 (KCL17) | Front view Combiline 7 (KCL17)Frontansicht Combiline 8 (KCL18) | Front view Combiline 8 (KCL18)Frontansicht Combiline 9 (KCL19) | Front view Combiline 9 (KCL19)Frontansicht Combiline 10 (KCL20) | Front view Combiline 10 (KCL20)
  • Product variety

    Not every decision has to be a hard one. The following overview shows you at a glance which machines will best meet your demands with regard to the end product. Everything else we'll find out together in a detailed consultation that has only one aim: Making your success perfect and sustainable.


  • Stamping tools

    Stempelwerkzeuge für rundgewirkte langerollte Teiglinge
  • Product samples

    rundgewirkte Produkte | rounded productsrundgewirkte, gestüpfelte Produkte | rounded, stamped productsrundgewirkte, langgerollte Produkte | rounded, long rolled productsrundgewirkte, langgerollte und gestüpfelte Produkte | rounded, long rolled and stamped productsrundgewirkte, langgerollte und geschnittene Produkte | rounded, long rolled and cut productsrundgewirkte, langgerollte und eingeschlagene Produkte | rounded, long rolled and folded productszweimal rundgewirkte Produkte | twice rounded productsrundgewirkte, flachgedrückte Produkte | rounded, flattened productsrundgewirkte, langgerollte und flachgedrückte Produkte | rounded, long rolled and flattened productsrundgewirkte, gewickelte Produkte | rounded, convoluted productsverschiedene Stempelwerkzeuge | various stamping toolsbestreute Produkte | seeded productsHamburgerHot DogKornspitzSteirische Langsemmel | Styrian long rollMarraquetaSchnittbrötchen | Cut rollsSpitzweckerl | Rolls with pointed endsHousky | Plaited rolls
  • Detailed photos

    Große Produktvielfalt durch wechselbare Stempel | Great product variety with changeable stampsBestreuung der Teiglinge | Seeding of dough piecesBestreuung der Teiglinge | Seeding of dough piecesProduktion von Hamburger | Production of HamburgerProduktion von Donuts | Production of DonutsProduktion von Kornspitz | Production of KornspitzStempelleisten schnell und einfach wechselbar | Stamping tools quickly and easily changeableStüpfelstation | Stamping stationAbsetzung | Setting unitGuidesProduktion von Baguette | Production of baguetteProduktion von Baguette | Production of baguetteProduktion von Spitzweckerl| Production of BolillosProduktion von Hamburger| Production of HamburgerProduktion von rundgewirkten Teiglingen | Production of rounded dough piecesProduktion von Toastbrot| Production of toastProduktion von Toastbrot| Production of toastProduktion von Tostadas | Production of TostadasSchneidestation | Cutting stationUmsetzvorrichtung | Shaping unit
  • Video - Combiline

  • Video - Combiline - Rex Futura Multi

  • Video - Combiline - Seeding unit


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