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Eco Twin

The compact line for

Kaiser rolls and cut rolls

Eco Twin
  • Main features

    The Eco Twin is a roll line with variable setting, covering the entire roll spectrum. The Eco Twin facilitates great product variety through easily changeable stamping tools, cutting station and Wachauer rounding station. A wide range of products can be made with the Eco Twin: round, round/stamped or long-rolled, long-rolled/cut or long-rolled/pressed.

    When you combine the Eco Twin with an Artisan SFR from the Koenig stress-free programme instead of a classical head machine, all square products, from ciabatta to seed rolls, can also be made with one and the same machine.


    Performance features:

      • great performance at small footprint
      • 800 mm version: 6-/5-row operation; 600 mm version: 5-/4-row operation
      • maximum hourly capacity between 4,200 and 5,040 pieces, depending on the working width
      • compact design: only 3,480mm length and 2,510mm height when executed as pre-proofer line
      • direct transfer for products without resting time as standard for the line with 800mm working width
      • high product variety due to quickly changeable stamping tools and cutting unit
      • adjustable pressure board with moveable belt
      • centering unit prior to the stamping station for an optimum product positioning
      • exchangeable cutting unit with 3-, 4-, or 5-row scalpel cutting knives; 6-row scalpel cutting knives at 800mm working width
      • for Eco Twin 600, also available with final prover for 20 minutes final proving time
      • variable set-down by means of retracting unit on to common proving trays / baking trays
      • retracting lengths and steps of the dough pieces when set down are continually adjustable
      • with direct set-down as standard
      • available with additional Wachauer rounding station as special design
      • optionally with cross conveyance for pre-proven dough pieces such as convoluted goods
      • optionally available with baking tray manipulator Servomat


      Cleaning and Maintenance


      • stainless steel design for a stable value for many years
      • entire line on a robust, mobile and stainless steel frame
      • easily removable swings and pressure cups
      • smooth surfaces, also on the back of the line, and large doors enable optimized hygiene
  • Dimensions

    Frontansicht Eco Twin 800 | Front view Eco Twin 800Schnittzeichnung Eco Twin 800 | Layout drawing Eco Twin 800Frontansicht Eco Twin 600 mit Nachgärschrank | Front view Eco Twin with final proverSchnittzeichnung Eco Twin 600 mit Nachgärschrank | Layout drawing Eco Twin 600 with final prover
  • Product variety

    Not every decision has to be a hard one. The following overview shows you at a glance which machines will best meet your demands with regard to the end product. Everything else we'll find out together in a detailed consultation that has only one aim: Making your success perfect and sustainable.


  • Stamping tools

    Stempelwerkzeuge für rundgewirkte langerollte Teiglinge
  • Product samples

    rundgewirkte Produkte | rounded productsrundgewirkte, gestüpfelte Produkte | rounded, stamped productsrundgewirkte, langgerollte Produkte | rounded, long rolled productsrundgewirkte, langgerollte und gestüpfelte Produkte | rounded, long rolled and stamped productsrundgewirkte, langgerollte und geschnittene Produkte | rounded, long rolled and cut products
  • Detailed photos

    Produktion von Kaisersemmeln | Production of Kaiser rollsAusgabe der Teiglinge vom Rex Automat | Discharge of dough pieces from Rex AutomatStüpfelstation | Stamping stationÜbergabe der Teiglinge in den Gärschrank | Transfer of dough pieces into prover


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