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Rex I

The entry-level model for high numbers of pieces
Industrie Rex I
  • Main features

    The largest and most powerful representative of the Rex family, the Industrie Rex once more gives most impressive proof of Koenig's technological leadership. The harmonisation of gentle dough processing and adherence to exact weight limits once again successfully resulted in a Koenig machine that reconciles alleged contradictions: namely, mass production and quality – the most gentle dough processing possible with an hourly capacity of up to 24,000 pieces.


    Performance features:

      • automatic dough dividing and rounding machine according to the Rex principle
      • max. hourly capacity of approx. 24,000 pieces with max. 50 strokes/min in the 8-row version
      • simple dough supply via roller hopper with safety light-grid
      • machine weight: approx. 1800 kg
      • power supply: 6 kW
      • industrial PLC control
      • stainless steel design
    • In the HD (hard dough) version, the Industrie Rex I is equipped with the following additional functionalities:

      Dividing drum with ratchet feed for start/stop operation

      Via a specially shaped pre-chamber, the dough is pressed in the drum opening in the gentlest possible way.

      Electronically adjustable slide pressure

      Independent of the set weight or dough level, an even slide pressure is built up by means of an air bellows, ensuring the greatest possible weight accuracy with varying dough consistencies. The slide pressure can be allocated individually to the different dough recipes. Thus, great weight accuracy is ensured, in particular with hard doughs. The principle of gentle dough processing with soft doughs is preserved.


  • Weight ranges

    Weight range Number of rows Max. hourly capacity
    20-40G 5\6\7\8 15000/18000/21000/24000
    22-60G 6\7 18000/21000
    22-72G 3\4\5\6 9000/12000/15000/18000
    33-95G 3\4\5\6 9000/12000/15000/18000
    30-100G 3\4\5\6 9000/12000/15000/18000
    45-135G 3\4\5 9000/12000/15000
    40-130G 3\4\5 9000/12000/15000
    60-150G 3\4 9000/12000
  • Working principle

    Arbeitsprinzip Industrie Rex I

    The dough is filled  into the roller hopper (via a pre-portioning hopper).

    Rotating star rollers (dough feeding stars) cut the dough into suitable portions (depending on the single weight of the dough pieces) which are then conveyed into the dividing area.

    The horizontally moving slider presses the dough into the opening of the dividing drum. The excess dough is removed by a scraper ledge and returned  to the dividing area.



    After an anti-clockwise rotation by 180°, the dough pieces are discharged to the intermediate belt. – This step is particularly important for high processing rates as it allows the dough to rest between portioning and rounding.


    The dough pieces are subsequently rounded with an oscillating rounding drum. The size and type of the rounding drum are determined by the dough consistency and weight.


    In the bottom-most position, the dough pieces are discharged onto the spreading finger belt.

  • Dimensions

    Frontansicht Industrie Rex I | Front view Industrie Rex IFrontansicht Industrie Rex I mit Trichter | Front view Industrie Rex I with hopperFrontansicht Industrie Rex I HD | Front view Industrie Rex I HDSchnittzeichnung Industrie Rex I | Sectional view Industrie Rex ISchnittzeichnung Industrie Rex I mit Trichter | Sectional view Industrie Rex I with hopperSchnittzeichnung Industrie Rex I HD | Sectional view Industrie Rex I HD
  • Detailed photos

    Ausgabe der Teiglinge von der Auswiegetrommel | Discharge of dough pieces from dividing drumGeschliffene Teiglinge bei 6-reihiger Arbeitsweise | Rounded dough pieces at 6-row operationGeschliffene Teiglinge bei 6-reihiger Arbeitsweise | Rounded dough pieces at 6-row operationÜbergabe der Teiglinge in die Schleiftrommel | Transfer of dough pieces into rounding drumÜbergabe der Teiglinge in die Schleiftrommel | Transfer of dough pieces into rounding drum
  • Video


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