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T-Rex AW

The benchmark for high performance
T-Rex AW
  • Main features

    The high-performance dividing and rounding machine T-Rex AW achieves with specially designed rounding ledges the high output of 100 strokes/min. The dough pieces are thereby gently and virtually smooth rounded.


    Performance features:


      • the dough dividing and rounding machine T-Rex AW offers a wide weight range of 25 to 70g and can operate in up to 12 rows
      • max. hourly capacity of 72,000 pieces at 12-row operation
      • the machine in „AW“ version (accurate weight), offers high weight accuracy and at the same time high dough protection
      • the dough pieces are divided according to the proven „Rex“ principle with patented pre-portioning and gentle dough division in the dividing drum
      • the dough pieces are transferred to a rounding belt and gently rounded at high speed with specially designed rounding ledges
  • Weight ranges

    Weight ranges No. of rows max. hourly capacity  
    25-60g 10\11\12 60000/66000/72000 1 set of rounding ledges per weight range
    35-70g 10\11\12 60000/66000/72000
  • Working principle


    The dough is filled into the hopper with infeed rollers.


    The rotating dough feeding stars cut the dough into suitable portions, which are then transferred to the dividing area.


    The horizontal slider pushes the dough into the recesses of the rotating dividing drum. The pusher pressure can be controlled electronically.


    The dough pieces are then turned by 180° in anticlockwise direction and transferred to a spreading finger belt. This step allows the dough to rest before the rounding process is started. The spreading finger belts are extractable for cleaning and maintenance.


    The dough pieces are then transferred to a rounding belt and rounded with specially designed rounding ledges. The dough pieces are conveyed through the sloped rounding ledges where they are gently rounded at high speed. Subsequently, the dough pieces are dusted and transported to e.g. a proofer via a double setting roller. The rounding ledges can be exchanged without tools and removed from the system for cleaning purposes.


    This system enables highest hourly output rates at 100 strokes / min. with the greatest possible care for the dough. Koenig‘s dough dividing and rounding principle also allows the processing of high dough yields.

  • Detailed photos

    T-Rex AW T-Rex AW - Wirkleisten - rounding ledgesT-Rex AW - Wirkleisten - rounding ledgesT-Rex AW - Wirkleisten - rounding ledges


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