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The line for tension-free dough

processing with the Twin Sat principle


Menes 1.0
  • Main features

    When developing the Menes, our chief goal was to satisfy customer needs as exactly as possible with an elaborate modular conceptual design. That‘s why the Menes line can be tailored to the individual needs of each customer; it can be upgraded at any time later. Tried-and-tested Koenig components such as seeding units, forming stations, cutting stations, retracting units, etc., are part of this modular system.


    Performance features:

      • dough throughput from 500 of up to 5,000 kg per hour
      • available in working widths 800/1,000/1,200 and 1,600 mm
      • extreme range of dough yields processable: from 140 (e.g. lye rolls) to 190 (e.g. Ciabatta)
      • dough sheet thickness of 1 mm - 50 mm
      • fully developed modular design with a wide range of tools; further modules can be added at any time
      • 3-roll dough sheet former for a homogeneous dough sheet right from the start
      • „Twin Sat“ twin satellite head for the most gentle dough processing
      • picture-oriented and simple control of the system, optionally with portable panel or mobile device
      • for various different doughs, such as puff pastry, Danish pastry, pizza, ciabatte, baguettes, etc.
      • stainless steel design
  • For higher product variety - combined Menes line

    Menes-H “all-in-one” with pre-proofer line KGV:


    • for angular and rounded-stamped bread rolls from the dough sheet
    • huge product variety only with one line
    • hourly capacity of up to 90,000 pieces per hour
    • very high performance on small footprint
    • fully automatic operation system (one-man operation)
    • mirrored & completely synchronized lines
  • Menes in hygienic design „H“

    Hygienic Design \\\

    The hygienic design of the Menes-H is characterized by following features:


    • thanks to sealed bearings the line is entirely wash-down
    • redesigned frame constructions to minimize surface contaminations and cleaning effort
    • therefore a quick product change is possible
    • longer cleaning intervals and shorter system downtimes


    Possible variants of hygienic design „H":


    With protective cover and continuous conveyor belts


    • use of protective covers for quick and convenient accessibility and optimum protection against injury
    • continuous transport belts can be released without tools


    With wirefence doors and exchangeable belts


    • compact design with large wirefence doors to protect against injury
    • belts can be released and exchanged without tools
    • easy cleaning due to mobile frames
  • The Twin Sat principle

    Doppelsatellitenkopf | Double satellite head        Doppelsatellitenkopf | Double satellite head


    The major difference to ordinary satellite systems with standard cylindrical rollers lies in the twin satellite head which reduces high mechanical loads on the dough to a minimum and largely restricts dough tension. We call this the Twin Sat principle.


    The Twin Sat’s function is based on a sophisticated system. By positioning two satellite roller heads one above the other, it is possible to produce virtually tension-free dough. After rolling the machine, it can be cut, formed and processed without any proving. And while being transported through the machine, the dough is not rolled but formed into size by a patting movement at high speed.

  • Menes – the variable modular concept

    Menes Beispielanlage - Menes example line
  • Product variety

    Not every decision has to be a hard one. The following overview shows you at a glance which machines will best meet your demands with regard to the end product. Everything else we'll find out together in a detailed consultation that has only one aim: Making your success perfect and sustainable.

     König Bäckereimaschinen - schonende Teigbearbeitung - Teigbandanlage | Koenig bakery machines - stress-free dough processing - dough sheeting


  • Product examples

    rundgewirkte Produkte | rounded productsCiabattaDreieck | Triangular rollrundgewirkte, gewickelte Produkte | rounded, convoluted productsKönig Bäckereimaschinen - Koenig bakery machinesKönig Bäckereimaschinen - Koenig bakery machinesKönig Bäckereimaschinen - Koenig bakery machinesKönig Bäckereimaschinen - Koenig bakery machinesBrot | Breadrundgewirkte, flachgedrückte Produkte | rounded, flattened productsBaguetteBrot | BreadCrackerPitaSalzstangerl
  • Detailed Photos - Menes

     GuillotineGuillotine Produktion von Ciabatta | Production of CiabattaQuerroller | Cross rollerStanzwerkzeuge | Stamping tools              Doppelsatellitenkopf | Double satellite headDoppelsatellitenkopf | Double satellite headLängsschneideeinheit | longitudinal cutting unitProduktion von Brot | Production of breadWickeldorne | Convoluting shoesWickeldorne | Convoluting shoes Produktion von Brot I Production of BreadPizzaProduktion von Brot I Production of BreadBaguetteProduktion von Brot I Production of BreadCiabattaBaguetteCiabattaMehrkornbrot I Multigrain Bread
  • Detailed Photos - Menes-H

    Teigbandformer | Dough belt formerMenes-HTeigbandformer | dough sheet former Schlichtwalzwerk | Finishing unitMenes-HMenes-HAccurate Weight SystemAbziehgerät | Setting unitLängsschneideeinheit | longitudinal cutting unitRestteigrückförderer | scrap dough remover
  • Menes Customer - Fireking Baking Company / USA

  • Menes Customer - Goman Bakeriet / Norway

  • Video Menes dough sheeting line

  • Video Menes-H


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