Twin Twist Mixer

Two attachments for the highest level of quality

Two attachments with unique twisting motion and set at an optimum working angle provide the perfect foundation for the production of dough. A shorter kneading time in addition to more air and oxygen give superb results.


DW 125
DW 240
DW 240 H hygienic build type


  • Dough capacity of 125 kg and 240 kg
  • Removable dough bowl
  • Two speed settings for the kneading tool and the dough bowl.
  • Short kneading times with minimal dough warming
  • Hydraulic dough bowl locking
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering of head
  • Intensive yet delicate dough preparation (e.g. for fruit dough)
  • Optional: Stainless steel base frame and hygienic “H” build type (can be spray cleaned with water)
DW 240 Standard
DW 240 Standard
Twin Twist Mixer 240 with dough
Twin Twist Mixer 240 with dough
Kneading Tool with Scraper
Kneading Tool with Scraper
DW 240-H in Hygienic Build Type
DW 240-H in Hygienic Build Type
DW 240-H Hygienic Version
DW 240-H Hygienic Version
Detailaufnahme DW 240 H
Hygieneausführung DW 240-H
Detailaufnahme DW 240 H
Hygieneausführung DW 240 H
DW 240 Twin Twist Mixer
DW 240 H Twin Twist Mixer

Technical details

DW 125 / DW 240 technical data
Technical data DW 125 DW 240 DW 240 H
Flour capacity (max. approx.) 75 kg 150 kg 150 kg
Dough capacity (max. approx.) 125 kg 240 kg 240 kg
Bowl capacity 190 l 370 l 370 l
Inside bowl diameter 740 mm 940 mm 940 mm
Diameter at bowl top edge (D) 790 mm 990 mm 990 mm
Bowl speed at 50Hz (mixing) 10.7 rpm 7.5 rpm 7.5 rpm
Bowl speed at 50Hz (kneading) 21.6 rpm 15.1 rpm 15.1 rpm
Total speed at 50 Hz (mixing) 120 rpm 113.4 rpm 113.4 rpm
Total speed at 50 Hz (kneading) 240 rpm 229 rpm 229 rpm
Rated power 19 kW 28.6 KW 30.6 kW
Length 2,176 mm 2,596 mm 2,113 mm
Width 1,365 mm 1,449 mm 1,630 mm
Height 1,983 mm 2,349 mm 2,301 mm
Weight including bowl (max. approx.) 1,825 kg 2,060 kg 3,000 kg

DW 240 H hygienic build type

The hygienic „H“ build type, which is already available for other machines from the König product range, has also been made available for the Twin Twist Mixer. As a result, the DW 240 H version can be cleaned by spraying it with water with the water kept at a low pressure.


The DW 240 H hygienic build type is characterised by the following features:


  • Machine frame and machine head in completely sealed and welded construction
  • Stainless steel panelling
  • Stainless steel control cabinet
  • Drain holes in the base plates of the machine frame and machine head
  • Friction wheel mount in stainless steel finish
  • Friction wheel mount with spray water drainage
  • Dust-proof kneading bowl cover
  • Touch panel in IP65
DW 125 / DW 240 Details
Detailed images of the DW 240 H

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