Strong and universal

Mixing & Lifting

Achieving optimal results means getting things right from the start. This is because it is almost impossible to correct mistakes that have been made during the dough preparation stage. Our mixing machines give you the best results from the beginning on.
Gentle and precise

Dividing & rounding

Delicate dough handling and constant adherence to strict weight specifications are major challenges in the production of dough-based products. This balance is optimally maintained with our patented pre-portioning system.
Innovative and compact

Roll Lines

The large variety of dough-based products available requires individual and, above all, flexible settings for the machinery. Our wide range of different machine concepts allows every possible requirement to be taken into consideration optimally.
Fast and even


Dark, or perhaps more of a golden sheen? Achieving the best baking results is not particularly easy. The technology behind our ovens guarantees optimal baking results at all times while maintaining high energy efficiency and often only taking up a minimum of floorspace.
Regulated and stable

Cooling & freezing

Our customers require the best possible quality delivered at the right time. With our comprehensive product range for cooling & freezing, products are cooled and stabilised in just a few minutes and can also be processed quickly as a result.
Custom and individual

Project Solutions

Custom solutions with sophisticated technology combined with decades of experience provide our customers with an ideal all-round package for large-scale facilities. Needless to say, we address each customer’s particular needs as part of this process.

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