Roto Passat SE

The König Roto Passat SE rack oven offers a maximum of power in the smallest of spaces. The “Save Energy Version” saves up to 20% more energy and achieves optimal and consistent baking results.


Save Energy Version


  • Optimal, consistent baking results
  • Energy savings of up to 20%
  • Maximum baking area with the smallest possible floor area requirement
  • Low external surface temperature due to improved external insulation
  • Intuitive touch panel with smart.connect
  • Maintenance-friendly and robust, durable construction
Optimal baking results with the Roto Passat SE
Optimal baking results with the Roto Passat SE
Energy-efficient baking
Energy-efficient baking
Energy-efficient baking
Energy-efficient baking
Perfect baking results
Roto Passat SE with new controls

Technical details

Control system

Achieving maximum user-friendliness was our primary aim in the development of the new Roto Passat SE control system. As a result, the Roto Passat SE leaves nothing to be desired in this regard. The new intuitive control system provides a clear overview of all the functions of the Roto Passat SE at a glance as well as various setting parameters for achieving perfect baking results.

  • Clear, self-explanatory display of all relevant oven functions
  • Eco-mode for the percentage-based reduction of oven power, e.g. for baking processes with half-occupied rack trolleys or for baking after prolonged stand-by operation
  • Simple defrosting of frozen products using the new defrost function. It protects frozen products from drying out by means of pulsating steam injection. The defrost function can easily be saved as a new programme for a wide variety of products
  • „Wipe Mode“ locks the display for easy cleaning
  • User administration for the assignment of various user authorisations
  • Create production plans, e.g., for processing production batches
Detailed images
Technical data - 980 N / 980 H
980 N 980 H
For baking trays in Euro standard 660 x 460, 920 mm 660 x 460, 920 mm
For baking trays in US standard 580 x 780, 980 mm 580 x 780, 980 mm
Number of trays per rack 18 20
Baking area bis 12 m² bis 13 m²
Dimensions W x D x H 1450 x 1716 x 2630 mm 1450 x 1716 x 2780 mm
Turning dimension when positioned
in place horizontally
2958 mm 3105 mm
Max. height of the baking trolleys 1810 mm 1960 mm
Floor space 3 m² 3 m²
Exhaust gas pipe Ø 176 mm Ø 176 mm
Steam extraction pipe Ø 120 mm Ø 120 mm
Fresh air supply Ø 127 mm Ø 127 mm
Water supply 1/2" 1/2"
Electrical connectionfor fan
and rotating table
5 kW 5 kW
Electrical heating capacity 62 kW 62 kW
Heating capacity (oil/gas) 84 kW 90 kW
Weight 1700 kg 1800 kg


If several ovens are in use, these can be easily networked and controlled from the office using the „smart.connect“ system from König.


This results in simplified batch and production planning and a better overview of energy consumption and process monitoring (such as downtimes, night start, etc.).


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