MDI Stratos

The indirectly heated MDI STRATOS multi-level tunnel oven is an extraordinary combination of compact design, modularity, performance and control. The independent levels allow for the baking of different quantities and products.

MDI Stratos


  • Baking surface: 500m2 on up to six levels
  • Belt width: 2,500 mm with modular design and small floor area requirement
  • The baking process is possible directly on the belt or in the baking mould
  • Individual control of heating from the top and bottom
  • Integrated cleaning system for belt and baking chamber
  • High-speed lifts for feeding and unloading
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MDI Stratos_Detail_3
MDI Stratos_Detail_4

Technical details

PWR energy system

The PWR (Power Where/When Required) energy system is a state-of-the-art energy distribution and temperature control method that allows careful control of the calories delivered to the product and the baking environment in each oven zone, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Forced Air Jet (FAJ)

The MDI STRATOS can also be equipped with a König FAJ (Forced Air Jet) impact beam system if products are to be baked simultaneously with radiant heat and circulating air.

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