Passat OH

Thanks to the tried and tested slotted wall system, which passes hot air over the baked goods in thirty second intervals, the Passat OH is not only the smallest rack oven around but also guarantees the consistency of your baked goods.

Passat OH


  • The smallest rack oven in the world (width: 1,200 mm; baking area: 10.23 m²)
  • Alternating application of hot air to the baked goods
  • Resting atmosphere
  • Simple operation thanks to a touch panel
  • Attractive design with maximum operating comfort
  • Maintenance-friendly and robust, durable construction
  • Particularly suitable for crusty products such as bread
  • Optional: smart.connect package for connecting multiple ovens
Black Bread Passat OH
Black Bread Passat OH
Optimal dark bread baking results
Optimal dark bread baking results
Optimal dark bread baking results
Optimal dark bread baking results
Optimal dark bread baking results
Black Bread Passat OH

Technical details

Technical Data
Technical data Values
For baking trays in Euro standard 580 x 780 mm / 580 x 980 mm
Number of trays per rack 18
Baking area bis 10,8 m²
Measurements W x D x H 1200 x 2377 x 2555
Installation dimensions for the oven corpus 1450 x 1650 x 2600 mm
Turning dimension when positioned in place horizontally 2950 mm
Max. height of the baking trolleys 1795 mm
Floor space 2 m²
Exhaust gas pipe ø 180 mm
Steam extraction pipe ø 125 mm
Fresh air supply ø 125 mm
Water supply 1/2"
Electrical connection for fan 3,6 kW
Electrical heating capacity 60 kW
Nominal thermal load (oil/gas) 78 kW

Data for oil, gas or electric heating


The smart.connect networking software allows König’s Roto Passat, Passat OH and Stratotherm type ovens to be networked together. The Smart.connect+ version allows the network to be extended to PCs, meaning the ovens can be controlled from the office.

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