Ceres 2.2

The Ceres 2.2 is a state-of-the-art dough divider that meets the most exacting of demands with respect to dough yield and handling and is also extremely accurate. It is easy to clean and extremely robust.

Ceres 2.2


  • For all doughs with a dough yield between 162 and 182
  • For all doughs with long resting times and which require advance proofing
  • Minimal cleaning effort thanks to hygienic design
  • 300 L funnel for greater bowl proofing
  • Simple operation through PLC control
Ceres Dough Funnel Inner Cone
Ceres Dough Funnel Inner Cone
Ceres Dough Sheet Transfer Sheet
Ceres Dough Sheet Transfer Sheet
Ceres White Bread
Ceres 2.2

Technical details


01 Tilting Lifter

The tilting lifter with integrated dough scraping device ensures that the dough batches to be processed are automatically transported into the Ceres 2.2.

02 Ceres 2.2

The gravity-based dough divider divides the dough sheet into even pieces of dough using the integrated weighing unit. Once the desired weight for the dough has been obtained, the guillotine cuts off the dough strand.

  • Rotating dough funnel, 300 L holder with interior cone
  • Rotating cutting disc
  • Transfer disc with duster
  • Dough strand width of 60 – 150 mm, can be adjusted with sensors
  • Electronic weighing system
  • Guillotine
  • Transport band with duster
  • Height-adjustable out-feed conveyor belt
Ceres 2.2

03 Rounder

The pieces of dough divided by the guillotine are rounded by the eccentric rounder or, optionally, by the belt rounding unit. The original structure of the dough is maintained thanks to minimal levels of mechanical stress.

04 Transport belt with bypass for the rounder (optional)

A conveyor belt transports the worked dough pieces for further manual or machine processing. By means of a height and length-adjustable belt, the cut dough pieces – for example for ciabatta – can also be put to one side directly or taken for further processing by bypassing the rounder, as with baguettes for example. Of course, it is also possible to transfer to an intermediate proofing cabinet and / or a long roller.

05 Work table with conveyor belt and proofing tray shelf (optional)

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