Combiline EC

The Combiline EC is the updated version of the Combiline. It makes cleaning and maintenance easier thanks to superior accessibility. The Combiline EC allows for the modular construction of the production line so as to better meet your needs. It can provide you with your ideal bread roll line in consideration of the space you have available, your market needs or your investment budget.

Combiline EC


Rundgewirkt flachgedrückt
Rounded and pressed flat
Rundgewirkt gestüpfelt
Rounded and stamped
Rundgewirkt gewickelt
Rounded and coiled
Rundgewirkt langgerollt flachgedrückt
Rounded, long-rolled and pressed flat
Rundgewirkt langgerollt geschlagen
Rounded, long-rolled and beaten
Rundgewirkt langgerollt geschnitten
Rounded, long-rolled and cut
Rundgewirkt langgerollt gestüpfelt
Rounded, long-rolled and stamped
Rundgewirkt langgerollt
Rounded and long rolled
Zweimal rundgewirkt
Twice rounded


Easy Clean design


  • Maximum hourly performance: 9,000 pieces per hour (proofing time approx. 8 minutes)
  • Operational width: 600 or 800 mm
  • The best quality workmanship thanks to high-quality materials
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to Easy Clean design
  • Optional: Climate control with heating and humidification, transverse discharge, etc.
Poppy Seeding Unit
Poppy Seeding Unit
Simple operation
Simple operation
Combiline EC Detail View
Combiline EC Detail View
Combiline EC Detail View
Combiline EC Detail View
Catch plates at 45° angle for easy cleaning
Catch plates at 45° angle for easy cleaning
Combiline EC Removal Belt
Combiline EC Removal Belt
Combiline EC Product Video

Technical details

Easy Clean design
  • Maximum line availability due to shorter cleaning times and downtimes
  • New frame design for optimised hygiene and accessibility with at least 200 mm ground clearance
  • Bevelled surfaces at 45° angles on which neither flour nor dough residues can accumulate
  • Forming tools such as pressure boards, stamping heads and centring devices can be removed for cleaning
  • Critical areas for cleaning and maintenance can be easily seen and reached
  • Partition sheets can be removed without the use of tools
  • Large-area door elements for easy access during cleaning and maintenance
  • Stamping station in open design: Easily and quickly exchangeable stamping tools for optimal accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
  • The open design of the forming station, seeding unit and panning unit allows for access from both sides for cleaning and maintenance
Easy Clean Design
Detailed images
Product Diversity

The Combiline EC offers familiar levels of variety, from round-stamped to long-rolled and shaped dough pieces. From Austrian Kaiser Rolls and plaited rolls to split rolls, hot dogs, hamburger buns and half baguettes – the product possibilities are endless.

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