We raise our standards with quality management for our customers

As a plant engineering company, you are faced with the daily task of meeting high quality standards and satisfying customer requirements. One way to ensure that you meet these standards is to be certified in accordance with ISO standards. This year, we were once again able to successfully generate this.

ISO 9001:2015 is the most widely used national and international standard in quality management and defines the minimum requirements for your quality management system. Compliance with these requirements is intended to ensure that suitable processes are in place within the organization in order to provide products and services of sufficient quality. The required quality of products and services is based, for example, on customer expectations and the relevant legal and regulatory requirements. At the same time, the management system should be subject to a continuous improvement process. The requirements contained in the standard are applicable to all organizations regardless of type, size and product.

One of the main advantages of ISO certification for you as a customer is the certainty that you are working with a company that adheres to high quality standards. They can be sure that the products and services they receive are reliable and of high quality. This creates trust and long-term relationships.

For us, it is more than just a badge - it is a commitment to quality, efficiency and continuous improvement.

Management Koenig Baking Equipment

Within the Koenig Group, the company headquarters in Graz, the plant in Celldömölk, Hungary and the Vulganus site in Nastola, Finland are certified to this standard. Our employees responsible for quality management are dedicated to ensure that products and services not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. Here's why it's crucial to us:

🏆 Customer Satisfaction: Our goal is to deliver consistent quality for you in order to build trust and loyalty.
🏆 Efficiency Boost: Streamlined processes reduce waste and improve productivity, saving time and money.
🏆 Risk Mitigation: Proactive quality checks prevent issues before they escalate.
🏆 Continuous Improvement: We are embracing a culture of ongoing improvement, fostering innovation and staying ahead of the competition.
🏆 Compliance Assurance: Adhering to industry standards and regulations minimizes legal risks and enhances credibility

Investing in quality management is investing in a successful future. We are committing to excellence together!

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